Хурсан олон та бүхэн дэнж хотойтол сайхан наадаарай.

We extend our warmest wishes to all our esteemed members and friends, as we come together to celebrate the joyous occasion of the Naadam Festival. This cherished event honors the rich heritage of the Mongolian people, commemorating the remarkable milestones of their history. Today, we celebrate the 2232nd anniversary of Mongolia's first Statehood, the 817th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire, and the 102nd anniversary of the People's Revolution. Happy Naadam to you all!

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Shaped by the wind into countless curves and bathed in shadows, the dune rose in marvelous mystery. The horizon became a faint line suspended in the darkness and drawn upward higher and higher. Magnificent sight Bayanzag flaming cliffs.

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Walk in the crisp clear crystal water of Khusvgul Lake with your bare feet. Begin a mysterious journey.

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Journeys created to face your interest. How and why you travel can be just as important as where. Journey with a group of extended family or a small party of friends. We can create a route that works for you.

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Nicole B

We didn‘t stay at the guesthouse but booked a 5-day tour in Central Mongolia with Khongor. We asked several tour companies for an offer and Khongor was by far the cheapest. It was a great tour with a good mix of tourist and family ger accommodation and natural and cultural highlights. Our driver Dorjoo was very good, obviously experienced since we never got stuck even though the roads (crossing rivers!) were sometimes very difficult. Dorjoo speaks a bit of English, was very friendly and concerned that we like the tour. Our guide Nomin cooked very good Vegetarian food for us but she wouldn‘t let us help. Nomin is very young (19) and rather introvert compared to other guides we have met on the tour, but she is well organised and did a good job. The tour stays in great memories!

Nicole B Lugano, Switzerland
John S

I came here with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed a wonderful western Mongolian tour. Driver and tour guide knew their work and very professional. Helped us with kind heart and made sure that our Mongolian tour is unforgettable.
The service here is absolutely fantastic.

John S Australia