The best rental prices on economy, and family rental cars with FREE amendments in over Mongolia.

Khongor Expedition offers a comprehensive car rental service. We have a range of safe, powerful and reliable cars with long years experienced and professional drivers to ensure your journey is safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We recommend that you travel in more sturdy and spacious Japanese jeeps or 4WD minivans. They are more appropriate for Mongolian bumpy and not paved countryside road.
Here, you can see the type of the cars we offer on the tour:

4WD Japanese Jeep – Capacity 2-3 travelers except the driver

Petrol use: 18L per 100km

4WD Russian Minivan – Capacity 3-6 travelers except the driver

Petrol use: 20L per 100km

2WD Korean Minivan– Capacity 3-6 travelers except the driver

Petrol use: 15L per 100km

Notes: You may hire/pay only for car with driver. It does not matter from the number of people who hire the car, the price for hiring a car will not be changed.

If you need, the tent, sleeping bag, mattress, cooking gear, water tank and gas stove would be free of charge during the tour.

The fuel consumption of the cars is not constant in order to the condition of countryside road. When it’s rainy or the road is muddy, the cars might consume the fuel more than normal consumption.


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