One of the three largest Buddhist monastic centers in Mongolia.


The star attraction of Selenge province, this monastery is considered to be one of the top three Buddhist institutions in Mongolia (along with Erdenezuu and Gandankhiid) and the country's most intact architectural complex.  It was originally built between 1727 and 1737 by the Manchu emperor Yongzheng, and dedicated to the Great Mongolian Buddhist and sculptor, Zanabazar whose mummified body was moved here in 1779. Located from UB - 360 km.


Day 1. Start at 9 o’clock, drive and visit Amarbayasgalant Monastery. Have lunch and dinner. Spend overnight in a local family ger.

Day 2.Return to Ulaanbaatar and have lunch on the way at a local restaurant.



  • Vehicle: Japanese jeep or Van 
  • Driver: Professional licensed 
  • Meals ( Lunch, dinner, breakfast & Lunch)
  • Taxes: entrance fees
  • Activity: Horse ride, Hiking, visit the monastery for morning chant pray.
  • Total km of cover: 740km


  • Special drinks ( Juice, vodka, etc) & Snacks
  • Travel insurance 
  • Take photos in the monastery 


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Below are the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most often, please have a look if your questions is already there, if not feel free to email us to [email protected]; 

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1. When is the best time to come to Mongolia?

May to September is the best season, with the high season in July for the Naadam Festival. August and September are also suitable months of the year, our climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time.

2. Is Mongolia a safe destination?

Mongolia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and people are known for their nomadic hospitality and kindness and they will make you feel very welcome. But when you are in the street of Ulaanbaatar city, you have to watch your bag and wallet unless there are many pickpockets around.

3. What should I bring with me?

Warm and thin layers of clothing, waterproof jacket, good walking boots, sandals and a hat and/or headscarf to protect you from the sun and winds. Don’t forget insect repellent, sun cream, lip-gloss and first aid kit (medicine for headache, cold, diarrhea, runny nose; bandages; any medicine prescribed for you ) and camera equipment.

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